Is it time to bring back the nap?

Why I back the art of napping Some years ago, when I was working fulltime in the corporate environment, I learned that the meetings or project work after lunch weren’t necessarily the most productive time for me, or others in the room. Everyone had food in their belly, the circulation of air wasn’t at all […]

When we resist rest

When being ‘switched on’ feels more comfortable than resting: Why we might experience resistance to rest. We live in a culture and society that hardwires us for busyness and distraction. How often do you hear yourself say “I’ve got so much to do, I can’t stop”, or “Just let me finish this one thing and […]

The power of sound vibration in relaxing and healing

Whilst it was yoga that started my own personal journey towards a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, I have travelled a great distance since then to find the therapies that really have really made a difference to my overall health and deep sense of wellbeing. For many years I have used sound bathing […]

6 ways I make time for rest in a busy life

  The amount of time we have in a day is finite and consistent from day-to-day. 24 hours, or 1440 minutes.  That’s it. Yet, we try and make the time we have stretch and bend to accommodate our never-ending to-do lists.  We see evidence and studies every day that tell us we’re frazzling ourselves with […]

Creating a sanctuary in your home for rest and stillness

If the past couple of years of uncertainty have shown us anything, it’s that we’re adaptable. As social events, work, schooling, and classes, like my guided intentional rest and stillness sessions, have moved to the virtual environment, it’s been clear that, although different, we can continue to enjoy true and real connection online. But what […]