The power of sound vibration in relaxing and healing

Whilst it was yoga that started my own personal journey towards a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, I have travelled a great distance since then to find the therapies that really have really made a difference to my overall health and deep sense of wellbeing.

For many years I have used sound bathing to supplement my personal practices that regulate, rebalance and build resilience in my nervous system.


What is sound bathing?

Sound bathing is a vibrational practice that has been used by many cultures for thousands of years as a tool for creating balance and healing. It is powerful, yet effortless for the receiver. Overwhelmingly, it is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Sound bathing and sound therapy has been gaining popularity as a mainstream therapeutic experience for some time now and can be found in a wide variety of settings such as medical centres, specialist health care centres, aged care facilities, hospices, hospitals, dental care, kindergartens, fertility clinics, learning centres, all the way through to private sound bath settings.


How does sound bathing work?

Vibrational sound frequencies created during a sound bath are heard not only through our ears, but through every part of our body.

Science (physics and western medical) tells us that every particle in our bodies – every organ, cell, bone, tissue and liquid – as well as the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, has a vibratory frequency. Everyday experiences, such as the food we eat, our thoughts and emotions, and the experiences we have, can all change and affect our body’s vibrational resonance.

Scientists have also discovered that high frequency sound can measurably affect our brainwave activity, stimulating vibration in our cells and the opening of the rest, digest and repair response arm of the nervous system) in our body (the parasympathetic nervous system). This can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, reduce respiratory rates, and calm our mind and body to name a few benefits.

Sound therapies are also being used to treat soft tissue disease, cancer and other conditions such as Parkinsons and fibromyalgia. To find out more about this, here are a few of many articles and opinions that can be found on the use of sound frequencies and vibrations for healing.


What instruments are used in sound baths?

I use a range of sound therapy instruments in sound baths, including a symphonic gong, chimes, crystal singing bowls, percussive instruments and the harp.

Each are tuned to specific frequencies that help bring the body from a state of imbalance to one of balance and harmony, inducing and inspiring wellbeing. Specifically, the gong resonates with all cells of the body, impacting brain waves, respiratory rate and heart rate positively. It develops and stimulates neurons in the frontal cortex of the brain and the glandular system.


What will I experience in a sound bath?

Sound baths can be an appealing way to rebalance as you are not required to ‘do’ anything. You simply lay down, relax and let the vibrational frequencies created by the range of sound therapy instruments wash around and through you.

Everyone’s response to a sound bath is unique. Here are some of the things you might experience:

  • a deep sense of rest and relaxation
  • an amplification of your senses
  • physical sensation in your body
  • a sense that time stands still.

“I felt such deep relaxation by the time we finished this exquisite sensory experience. I felt incredibly uplifted and experienced a deep sense of clarity that stayed with me during the following week. This is health protection; everyone should try it.” – S


Personally, I have experienced some amazing sound baths by people who I consider exceptional practitioners in the UK and USA and as a result I sought out leaders in the sound therapy field to train with.

And now, as a certified Gong Master and Sound Therapist, I offer sound bathing, both as part of my deep relaxation and stillness sessions and through stand-alone sound bath sessions, so you can experience this deeply relaxing, immersive experience.

“From a relaxed meditative state, the first sound vibrations bring my whole body alive and every nerve, every sense within my body seems to tingle as the bowls, pipes, gongs, bells and harp strings play. My awareness is total, and yet I still feel totally relaxed. I find it so therapeutic and afterwards I am calm and relaxed yet alive and exhilarated. I always sleep well for a few nights afterwards.” - L

I offer regular sound bath sessions from my Cambridge studio and livestreamed online. You can book here. Private sessions can also be arranged via email.

I’d love to share the wonders of sound bathing with you.

If you’re thinking of friends or family who may benefit from and enjoy an experience like this, or are looking for inspiration for you next get-together, or you have a business or studio and might like to host and broaden the offering to your clients, please do get in touch with me.

“Thank you, Sharon. You work with such passion and mastery, all with a gentle focus on activating the inner wellbeing of the people you see.” – S

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