Our modern, always-on lifestyles have us constantly charged and juggling like never before. Living this way disrupts the body’s natural patterns leading to tiredness, exhaustion, depletion, anxiousness, distraction, overwhelm and burn-out. The effects are felt not just by us, but by those around us.


My mission with Restorative Therapeutics is to help wind back the harmful impacts of modern lifestyle stress, guiding individuals and workplaces one at a time to be well-rested and rebalanced for more productive, fulfilling lives.


A student of yoga for many decades, my journey has since incorporated extensive teacher training in scientifically researched rest based practices in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Drawing on what western medical science knows about the brain and body and inspired by ancient methodologies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, I became a Stillness Through Movement Therapist, Sound Therapist, Yoga Teacher (through Yoga Medicine USA) and a Level 2 iRest Teacher.


Restorative and deep rest practices is now my life’s work, following a long career in corporate leadership, human resources, coaching and neuroscience-based learning and development.


Through experience and observation, it is apparent that ‘pushing through’ life is not the answer to living with a deep sense of vitality.  Living in harmony with our body’s natural ebbs and flow by re-learning to rest is essential for optimal wellbeing.


Building a healthy relationship with the practice of rest can have lasting, positive impacts.  Moment by moment, day by day.  Small actions can yield big results. Not just for you, but everyone around you.

Whilst it was yoga that started my own personal journey, I have travelled a great distance down my own yellow brick road since then, to find the therapies that really help us to connect at a deeper level. Every day I draw on a synthesis of many experiences, teachers and mentors who have left an indelible heart print on the practice that I offer today.


I have been so fortunate in my life to have enjoyed some exceptional teachers and learning experiences, both professionally and personally. And to me, the two worlds are entwined. What I experience and learn personally, always influences what I am able offer professionally.

So, to Margaret, My Mother – the sweetest and most humble matriarch of our family.  For all that you have taught me through my childhood, adolescence, adult years and how I value all the things I continue to have the privilege to learn in your presence. You are my greatest and most cherished inspiration and every day I feel blessed to have you as my Mother.  My own personal practice, and the guiding of others, benefit so greatly from your teaching and influence over my lifetime.  I am the luckiest.