Sharon Kempthorne is a respected and certified specialist in restorative therapeutic techniques. Initially as a student of yoga for several decades, Sharon has since undertaken extensive teacher training in the USA , Australia and New Zealand and is a Stillness Through Movement therapist, a Level 2 – iRest teacher and a qualified meditation, mindfulness and yoga teacher, specialising in restorative practices.   

Prior to establishing her business, Sharon enjoyed a long career in corporate leadership, human resources, coaching and neuroscience based learning and development, working with many well-known NZ brands to develop her hallmark style of grounded expertise, pragmatism and natural empathy. 

These experiences, along with her years of training,  inform her approach, which she has personally found to be transformative and essential in a busy world.

Passionate about proactive approaches to optimal wellbeing, Sharon has shaped a  practice to address some of the effects of modern life, or specific life experiences. Her services are well suited to people who want to live life optimally and procure this as a part of their wellness toolkit.

 Trauma, pain, stress, life events and lifestyle can disrupt the body and this practice is also ideal for those wanting support on a wellness recovery journey. Her clients often feel a sense of tiredness or exhaustion, imbalance, depletion and overwhelm.

Sharon is a trusted guide on the path to greater wellbeing and sustainable energy to live our best lives, through an accessible form of practice, based on what western medical science knows about the brain and body, blended with ancient methodologies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. 


“Whilst it was yoga that started my own personal journey, I have travelled a great distance down my own yellow brick road since then, to find the therapies that really help us to connect at a deeper level. Every day I draw on a synthesis of many experiences, teachers and mentors who have left an indelible heart print on the practice that I offer today”.


Some of the strongest influences and inspiration for the practice that Sharon offers today are: 


Sharon is indebted to Dr Libby Weaver for her abiding support of her over the years, her thought and heart-centred leadership in the health and wellness world and her personal introduction into the power of stillness through Stillness Through Movement, many years ago.  Stillness Through Movement, created and led by Tracy Whitton,  is a fundamental pillar of the restorative piece of the practice that Sharon offers, and she is currently New Zealand’s only STM Therapist based in New Zealand.


As a student of Iyengar yoga for several decades under the powerful tutorship of Mande White, NZ , Sharon was shaped by the experience Mande provided to really feel into her body.

Led by expert teachers including Neal Ghoshal, Karla Brodie and Sam Loe, Sharon learnt about the restorative power of yoga, physically, spiritually, philosophically and the value of somatic movement.

At Yoga Medicine in the USA, Sharon undertook a number of teacher trainings to expanded her knowledge of the blend of western medical science in anatomy and physiology, with eastern philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She is grateful to the expertise of Tiffany Cruikshank and her team, Rachel Land, Valerie Knopik and Dana Diament.

iRest USA

Under the tutelage of Dr Richard Millar, Stephanie Lopez and Fuyuko Toyota, this accessible and compassionate practice that attends to trauma through mindfulness meditation is another key strand woven into Sharon’s offering.


Sharon spent many years working in the corporate world environment which influences her approach and discipline. Sharon continues to work in this environment, facilitating leadership development programmes based on neuroscience, guiding people in leadership of themselves and others in the most up to date methodologies and thinking.


“I have been so fortunate in my life to have enjoyed some exceptional teachers and learning experiences, both professionally and personally. And to me, the two worlds are entwined. What I experience and learn personally, always influences what I am able offer professionally.

So, to Margaret, My Mother – the sweetest and most humble matriarch of our family.  For all that you have taught me through my childhood, adolescence, adult years and how I value all the things I continue to have the privilege to learn in your presence. You are my greatest and most cherished inspiration and every day I feel blessed to have you as my Mother.  My own personal practice, and the guiding of others, benefit so greatly from your teaching and influence over my lifetime.  I am the luckiest.”